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Additional Point of Access for Shareholders Further Simplifies Shareholder Voting & Participation in Virtual Meetings

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NEW YORK, N.Y.—(PR Newswire)—Mediant, a leading provider of investor communications technology and technology-enabled solutions to banks, brokers, corporations, and funds, now offers its "Vote My Proxy" skill in Amazon Alexa, allowing shareholders to speak their annual proxy votes on proposals and director elections from corporate and fund issuers. Using Mediant's "Vote My Proxy" skill in Alexa, shareholders can securely and seamlessly vote for proposals and director candidates individually or all at once. Shareholders can vote for, against, or abstain, and can also choose to withhold their votes.

"More than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices have been sold, making Alexa a key component in millions of Americans' daily routines," said Sherry Moreland, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mediant. "The growing number of Alexa users expect to be able to use this tool in more ways, and now, they can harness Mediant's technology through Alexa to make sure their 'voices' as shareholders are heard."

Mediant’s proxy voting capability via Alexa was tested by a number of firms during the 2021 proxy season, including Cantor Fitzgerald Income Trust. The "Vote My Proxy" Alexa skill will be made available to all corporate and fund issuers for the 2022 proxy season.

"As investors in a company, shareholders have the right to be heard when it comes to that company's direction," said Ms. Moreland. "Providing shareholders with multiple points of access for making their voices heard can only strengthen the digital transformation of companies' investor relations efforts—and, ultimately, enhance their brands."

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