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Our Businesses

Our integrated approach empowers our clients to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end advisor and investor experience.


Our Capabilities

We believe the financial services ecosystem should seamlessly interconnect, without compromising quality or cost efficiency.

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Who is BetaNXT?

We invest in platforms, products, and partnerships to accelerate growth for the ecosystem we serve. Our connective approach empowers clients to deliver a comprehensive solution.

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Client Access

Current clients can access support systems and request assistance with enhancements and upgrades.


Our Resources

Solutions Overviews, Press Package, Process will find them all here.



Solutions Overview



Through our businesses—Beta, Maxit, and Mediant—we provide a comprehensive, end-to-end advisor and investor experience. 



Beta’s advisor and investor portals, order management and trading tools, and third-party provider integrations are bolstered by real-time data, providing seamless connections between solutions. 



Maxit delivers a four components, delivered either as a holistic unit or individually as standalone offerings: cost basis reporting, tax information reporting, tax optimization, and managed services. 



Mediant modernizes the flow of vital information between advisors and investors so they can reach out and provide guidance to strengthen client relationships.



Shareholder Rights Directive II: An Update

In 2022, the European Market and Security Authorities published a call for evidence on the results of the active 2020 SRD II. Findings showed responses from stakeholders in the process—intermediaries, vendors and shareholders, which we have summarized in our latest SRD II whitepaper.


T+1: Why This Time Feels Different from T+2

Learn the genesis of each shortening of the settlement cycle, why T+1 is an event-driven mandate with a higher degree of complexity, and more. The whitepaper T+1: Why This Time Feels Different from T+2 examines how the drivers of the current move to T+1 differ from the 2017 move to T+2 in a few interesting ways that relate to settlement infrastructure.

Investor Communications


2024 Proxy Guide

Access our Proxy Guide for insights and information to support you in the successful planning and execution of your annual meeting.


2024 Proxy Campaign Set Up

To get a head start on setting up your proxy event with Mediant, please take a few minutes to complete this form and return it to Once your proxy record date is established, we will send you an updated campaign set up form to complete.


NOBO List Request Form 

Request a NOBO report by completing our form and sending it to Upon receipt of the signed and authorized request, we will make the list available through our secure web portal.


Glossary of Terms for Proxy Season

Financial terminology can be challenging to keep straight, especially in regard to proxy season. Use this glossary to brush up on your investor communications vocabulary, or bookmark it for reference when you come across an unfamiliar term.