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Americans are online more than ever these days, including more than 93% of adults, according to the Pew Research Center. What’s more, results from a recent survey commissioned by SIFMA show that most Americans with investment and savings accounts prefer accessing their investor documents electronically rather than through the postal system.

As brokers and funds accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, increasingly more of them are looking to drive eDelivery adoption. In doing so, brokers and funds can reduce costs and increase operational efficiency while improving the investor experience with convenient access to important investment documents, statements, confirmations, and other communications from any device.

Driving eDelivery Adoption

If you’re a broker or fund manager who wants to drive investor adoption of eDelivery, consider using the following 5 ways to influence this important digital transformation.

  1. Take a holistic approach. Embed the e-consent process into the customer journey either at the beginning or at key engagement points along the way.
  2. Make going digital easy. Keep the opt-in process simple and straightforward with a push toward digital interactions such as avoiding paper delivery unless requested or required by regulation.
  3. Use data analytics. Draw from user-experience data across services to increase adoption and success of digital channels over time. For example, use the data you have to engage those who’ve already adopted digital delivery of trade confirms to drive further eDelivery benefits.
  4. Use responsive web design. Make your web pages render well on a variety of devices and window and screen sizes for optimal viewing and to enhance the investor experience.
  5. Educate the advantages of digital. Different tools resonate with different investors so educate them on the benefits of moving to digital delivery.

Implement an eDelivery strategy with Mediant

Mediant helps brokers and fund managers implement strategies to drive digital delivery adoption of investor communications. For example, Mediant EngageTM is a suite of omni-channel tools designed to connect with investors and generate participation in a certain action – in this case, to choose eDelivery.

For more information on proven strategies to increase adoption of eDelivery, contact us today.

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