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In a move that promises to reshape the landscape of the financial industry, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finalized a significant rule change regarding the naming conventions of investment funds. This ruling has far-reaching implications for funds and shareholders, particularly in terms of shareholder communications and the monitoring of the 80 percent investment requirements.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this change and explore the impact on funds.

What are the SEC’s Names Rule Amendments?

The ruling centers on the naming conventions of investment funds. Traditionally, funds have been named based on their investment strategies or objectives. However, the amendments suggest a shift towards more transparent fund names, more clearly emphasizing investment risks.

Stricter compliance with the Names Rule

The updated Names Rule requires a fund to invest at least 80 percent of its assets in the type of investments suggested by its name. This now includes ESG-related funds, which were not around when the initial rule was approved in 2001. Fund names such as “sustainable,” “green,” or “socially responsible” are specific terms that now must also meet the 80% threshold. 

The amendments aim to strengthen enforcement of this rule, reducing the potential for misleading fund names. Shareholders can expect greater accountability from fund managers in adhering to the 80 percent rule. This will help ensure that a fund’s actual investments align with its stated objectives, providing investors with a more accurate representation of a fund’s strategy.

Better-informed investment strategies and proxy votes

Clearer fund names and increased compliance with the 80 percent investment policy requirement in the Names Rule is expected to benefit investors by making it easier to align their portfolios with their risk tolerance and financial goals. More transparent names should help shareholders gain a clearer understanding of the underlying assets and strategies of the funds they hold. This enhanced transparency is expected to lead to more accurate and informed proxy votes, as shareholders can more easily evaluate whether a fund’s voting decisions align with their own interests.

How BetaNXT can help

Mediant, a BetaNXT business, can assist funds in navigating the SEC name change rule.

  • Shareholder Engagement Strategies: Mediant provides pre-recorded outbound messages, recorded by fund company executives, to pre-notify shareholders of changes to their fund. We can also provide alternative means of communication if necessary, including but not limited to, customized document hosting sites that host information about name change activity.
  • Proxy Voting Management: Mediant streamlines the proxy voting process. This involves ensuring that proxy voting materials are delivered promptly and shareholders have access to all necessary information to make informed decisions.
  • Client Support and Service: Mediant can provide funds with ongoing support using our highly trained call center agents to address general questions regarding  communications about a fund name change, i.e., the 35d-1 notice. This ensures a smooth transition and continued compliance.
  • Print and Distribution: Mediant offers efficient and cost-effective print and distribution of fund name change supplements (35d-1) including intelligent insertions for shareholders who own multiple funds requiring name changes. Our smart insertion technology delivers a better shareholder experience with householding (multiple notices into a single envelope) delivering improved economics with materials and postage.

Let’s Talk

Contact us for help in navigating the name change ruling or to find out more about our fund solutions.

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