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Our integrated approach empowers our clients to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end advisor and investor experience.


Our Capabilities

We believe the financial services ecosystem should seamlessly interconnect, without compromising quality or cost efficiency.

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Who is BetaNXT?

We invest in platforms, products, and partnerships to accelerate growth for the ecosystem we serve. Our connective approach empowers clients to deliver a comprehensive solution.

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Client Access

Current clients can access support systems and request assistance with enhancements and upgrades.


Our Resources

Solutions Overviews, Press Package, Process will find them all here.


Issuer Solutions

Mediant helps corporate issuers, mutual funds, insurance, and alternative investment (REIT) firms advance the digital transformation of proxy management, investor communications and shareholder meetings.

Issuer Solutions

Mediant helps corporate issuers, mutual funds, insurance and alternative investment (REIT) firms advance the digital transformation of proxy management, investor communications and shareholder meetings.

Technology and data play an instrumental role in increasing shareholder engagement and the accurate administration of proxy processes. Mediant provides a true end-to-end proxy solution that simplifies proxy management, maximizes voter participation, and provides real-time data with in-depth analysis.

How We Do It

Increased Shareholder Engagement

Mediant increases shareholder engagement and proxy participation by providing an unparalleled user experience. Our comprehensive solution is tailored to your brand and streamlines production, distribution, voting, tabulation and post-event analysis.

Robust Digital Experience

Issuers and investors are frustrated by one-size-fits-all communications programs. Mediant’s intuitive technology adapts to your needs, shareholders’ preferences, and changing regulations. Our digital innovations maximize control and convenience.

Transparency and Accuracy

Inaccurate voting records and a lack of trackability damage investor confidence and produce unrecoverable costs. Mediant’s tabulation services deliver real-time voting data with complete transparency, for assured accuracy and regulatory compliance.

End-to-End Proxy Management

Mediant increases voter participation and year-round engagement by focusing on investor satisfaction. Our dedicated team manages your entire proxy process, saving time and resources, assuring compliance, and keeping you informed with real-time data.


End-to-End Proxy Solution

Mediant provides a true end-to-end shareholder communications and meeting solution powered by cutting-edge technology, real-time data insights, and a team of proxy specialists. We make it simple for issuers to deliver customized campaigns that maximize voter participation.


Print and Distribution Management

  • A scalable and integrated print and distribution network
  • Enhanced mail and e-delivery capabilities across the globe
  • Custom-branded shareholder materials

Integrated Proxy Voting System

  • Multi-channel voting that meets shareholders where they are
  • Real-time voting results from paper and electronic sources
  • Shareholders can literally “voice” proxy via Amazon Alexa

Tabulation and Reporting

  • In-depth data analytics and proxy vote modelling
  • Multi-level QA process to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Fully reconciled and audited vote reports

Online Document Hosting

  • Intuitive and engaging interactive documents
  • Robust web hosting with custom branding
  • Fully compliant and enhances the investor experience

MIC Digital Shareholder Meeting

  • Virtual and hybrid shareholder meetings, accessible on any device
  • A suite of features that maximize shareholder engagement
  • Video, presentation, real-time voting, live Q&A, and more

Solicitation Services

  • Comprehensive solicitation services for funds, insurance, and REITs
  • Mediant Engage™, a suite of omni-channel tools for corporate issuers
  • Multi-channel vote promotion plus expert agent sollicitation


Check our resources section for solutions overviews, expert guides, our NOBO list request form, and a handy proxy glossary.




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